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Monday, 3 September 2007

Star Trekking

...Across the Universe always going forward 'cos we cant find reverse. Remember that? Proper funny! Great imagination. Cough! Dont!

The whole point of exploring our environment is facilitating the advancement of life forms in knowledge and ability through strength to happiness. The puppets didn't say this much but they might have if they got carried away.

So we take ourselves into first gear Rev it up up up Rev it up with that loud terse exhaust system vibrating back into the manufacturers production line and the MD's cup of coffee and when were not in reverse content we are to know at least were moving forwards or maybe backwards faced in the other direction.

I will not lose mana to Star Trekkers or robots.

Good. Don't.

One of Isaac Newtons laws of physics stated that a body in motion needs to be effected by a mass of a particular description so in order that such a body in propulsion/movement may be effected. What this means to us in the context I am intending it to be understood is perhaps a little obscure, but I could go someway backwards on a spaceship anyway and yet still not be able to board the other mans shuttle! (Or car if you like!).


2. Good;

3. Don't;

4. Josh Wink - Higher states of consciousness.

So, a sum of energy = mass, which travels from location A to location B does so at a velocity (which is material but needs to further elaboration to this end). Where time and space are concerned i.e. time travel at the speed of light, a sum of mass cannot violate spacial laws and be in the same place on two occasions in whole at the same time. The substance of our being, which is the material of ether AT LEAST, may be reduced to an equation which demonstrates extremely compressed matrix co-ordinates however command to execution in a time and space environment given by a such an equation reduces contact between one location and another to a sense impression.

No catching up for some people!

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