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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

No deeper love

""..."You like a flutter on the horses as well maybe" "How much do like to gamble". Suave and sophisticated tongue. "How much would one be able to afford losing". Its all a yarn anyway? Assurances are given directly from the horses mouth that deperno doesn't gamble. "How much would it take to make you laugh?". A crack of a whip maybe. As far as I know the horse remained silent.

"His got some real dark friends that fellow". A little bird told me. I wouldn't bother asking a pony. With his sharp evasive but half baked attitude most of the time Lord knows this bullshitter wasn't brought up in a china shop. Find him. Break him. Dysfunctional relationships pay dividends into his bank accounts. 480 of them he likes to keep count.

Now were here. Slayed and begotten arisen forgotten.

Stop fucking about deperno.

All the faces in his pocket "I cant see you you cant see me who am I ?" "Like a vampire least not always feigning injury". He said that; I was asking him the question.

And off he goes where to nobody knows...""

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