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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Satans Advocate

The Devils advocate reversed? Off course not!

In the backdrop of the night as the day wears thin there he bodes calamity with the sea an oceans drive away.

Rangarie. A mountain of a man. Explosive amongst dynamite collaborated as well.

So the light burns at day break the scent of past tides pulling at the senses their stands he a shave, a distraction from the primordial and most kemp attraction.

"A right handy man", they say "Like a river he runs to and throe".

"Bonjourno" The waiter talks to him openly. "Bonjourno" he retorts as he smiles. No problem here. Beautiful.

"The most beautiful women in the world" Rangarie asks, "Where are they this evening". Taking a broad look around the waiter returns. Now a face. "I wonder Sir". Indeed you would with the passion of a mans breath at your side.

"Thank you for your time" Rangarie says to his man and like enlightenment they leave with the billls paid.

Bitter sweet harmony!?

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