So you want sauce at least we've got far. Now we decide what were going to have to eat...

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

No deeper love

""..."You like a flutter on the horses as well maybe" "How much do like to gamble". Suave and sophisticated tongue. "How much would one be able to afford losing". Its all a yarn anyway? Assurances are given directly from the horses mouth that deperno doesn't gamble. "How much would it take to make you laugh?". A crack of a whip maybe. As far as I know the horse remained silent.

"His got some real dark friends that fellow". A little bird told me. I wouldn't bother asking a pony. With his sharp evasive but half baked attitude most of the time Lord knows this bullshitter wasn't brought up in a china shop. Find him. Break him. Dysfunctional relationships pay dividends into his bank accounts. 480 of them he likes to keep count.

Now were here. Slayed and begotten arisen forgotten.

Stop fucking about deperno.

All the faces in his pocket "I cant see you you cant see me who am I ?" "Like a vampire least not always feigning injury". He said that; I was asking him the question.

And off he goes where to nobody knows...""

Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Spiders Web

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Illlusions and Visions



The Collective Psychology of Being (Collective Unconscious)

Subconscious threads

Personal identity (and shift)

Etc etc!!!!!!

Satans Advocate

The Devils advocate reversed? Off course not!

In the backdrop of the night as the day wears thin there he bodes calamity with the sea an oceans drive away.

Rangarie. A mountain of a man. Explosive amongst dynamite collaborated as well.

So the light burns at day break the scent of past tides pulling at the senses their stands he a shave, a distraction from the primordial and most kemp attraction.

"A right handy man", they say "Like a river he runs to and throe".

"Bonjourno" The waiter talks to him openly. "Bonjourno" he retorts as he smiles. No problem here. Beautiful.

"The most beautiful women in the world" Rangarie asks, "Where are they this evening". Taking a broad look around the waiter returns. Now a face. "I wonder Sir". Indeed you would with the passion of a mans breath at your side.

"Thank you for your time" Rangarie says to his man and like enlightenment they leave with the billls paid.

Bitter sweet harmony!?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Contemplation of our Lord Jesus Christ (The Lords Prayer revisited)

Lord in Honour of you in your mercy we are blessed

We prey to you in thanksgiving for what we have and want for

We ask through the goodness of our hearts that your light shine upon us, the light that we all are and know ourselves to be

When in sin you are with us, Oh! Lord, Oh! Heavenly Father grant us mercy

If things go wrong for us, My Lord, Our Heavenly Father you are here for us, grant us peace

Oh! Heavenly Father have redemption on our souls for our lives and grant us happiness

That we should seek justice Oh! Heavenly Father, Oh! Lord that you be there for us all glorious in your splendour and beauty

Praise be to the Lord, Our God, Oh! Heavenly Father


Monday, 3 September 2007

Star Trekking

...Across the Universe always going forward 'cos we cant find reverse. Remember that? Proper funny! Great imagination. Cough! Dont!

The whole point of exploring our environment is facilitating the advancement of life forms in knowledge and ability through strength to happiness. The puppets didn't say this much but they might have if they got carried away.

So we take ourselves into first gear Rev it up up up Rev it up with that loud terse exhaust system vibrating back into the manufacturers production line and the MD's cup of coffee and when were not in reverse content we are to know at least were moving forwards or maybe backwards faced in the other direction.

I will not lose mana to Star Trekkers or robots.

Good. Don't.

One of Isaac Newtons laws of physics stated that a body in motion needs to be effected by a mass of a particular description so in order that such a body in propulsion/movement may be effected. What this means to us in the context I am intending it to be understood is perhaps a little obscure, but I could go someway backwards on a spaceship anyway and yet still not be able to board the other mans shuttle! (Or car if you like!).


2. Good;

3. Don't;

4. Josh Wink - Higher states of consciousness.

So, a sum of energy = mass, which travels from location A to location B does so at a velocity (which is material but needs to further elaboration to this end). Where time and space are concerned i.e. time travel at the speed of light, a sum of mass cannot violate spacial laws and be in the same place on two occasions in whole at the same time. The substance of our being, which is the material of ether AT LEAST, may be reduced to an equation which demonstrates extremely compressed matrix co-ordinates however command to execution in a time and space environment given by a such an equation reduces contact between one location and another to a sense impression.

No catching up for some people!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

A man amoungst robots

A man meets a girl takes her our to the cinema, wines and dines her sex after a while if shes lucky and then all of a sudden kids are on the horizon with talks of marriage. Kids on the horizon. Are they though.

Two years you've been together now and you've met the most intimate parts of each other on more than one occasion. You would have thought you knew your partner inside out by now.

How can a robot have kids though. How can we verily contemplate charging our kids up on the mains and walking them around by remote control when their bios goes haywire in the midsummer madness and their 3d programmes are out of sync. "What are ya watching kidda?" Daddy says, "Alien 12 dad its where the Aliens abduct daddies to make them better when they are bad and then theirs a big daddy war". Fuckoff.

So at least your not knowingly going to commit to a romantic future with R2D2 reckoning on the perfect family home? Right! Well maybe you can see a brighter Sun but the Moon does a proper bunk what with all the static about.


I will not lose mana to robots
I will not lose mana to robots
I will not lose mana to robots
I will not lose mana to robots
I will not lose mana to robots

"Whats this Robert" His headmistress asks the cheeky young child for his attempts at correction in after school detention. "Shes a robots its not fair I can do more kick ups then her but the teacher keeps talking to her about computers all the time". "Yes but no football is to be played in the classroom young man"!

I will not lose mana to my boyfriend.

Can you imagine saying that to yourself repeatedly in the dressing room mirror before your hot date with the local school hunk. Ready steady... Give it another 50 years the practice was worth it!

College time...

Banana is peeling back the banana skin and not eating the banana. Everywhere in abundance a little bit here a little bit there and then no bananas everywhere but you need to a be a computer programmer to pull back.

Screw computers. Use them as vibrators if you want too, but don't give up your banana so easily.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Working it

Play it safe, get it going, take it, break it, make it, its there, work it out...

All beings can make offerings to Gods (inc. others) with intelligence such beings can cultivate mana to entropy. To make such an offering bestows mana upon he/she that offers such we should call enlightenment.

Essentially there are three types of Gods to whom we make our offerings:

1. Mana Gods;
2. Created Gods;
3. Creator Gods.

Each type of God has a value for life which can be described in formulaic terms (which is not to diminish the spiritual substance of nature).

Mana Gods, the Earth God Yewah for instance, Moses, Dionysis and Zeus etc, are all Gods attribute to their nature, attitude and ability contingent on acceptance from their followers. Mana in consideration of entropy God is Good mana not entropy is an offering to a (higher) God.

Jesus Christ is an example of a Created God that springs to mind (He's so famous!), his life was in commencement of a divine spark the latent energy that seeks fulfillment to entropy is bled through the passage of time either to his favour or another created God. Each divine spark giving rise to the life of a created God should be understood implicit in the text. Not to spark off a war, but where is God Himself? Maybe someone knows. As to entropy it is the number of divine sparks that are resultant in the event of the Cosmos created Gods work towards symmetry in the almighty Gods status in everything that is good and stands opposed to what is bad. Each divine spark is an impetus to act take it or leave it for whats its worth the truth is evident only when lies and deceit have been stripped bear. Whilst the energy that we are appears to pursue interests for its own benefit we should take fully into account:

Latent energy to Kinetic energy for entropy minus formulation.

In terms of Creator Gods, of which there may be many and one as absolute, it should be suffice to say that one divine spark provides for one chance to entropy what with whats already been said ala the Cosmos.

Further to take into account:

God - Cosmos = Not!
God - Not God = God
Cosmos - Not God = God
Not God - Cosmos = God
Cosmos - God = Not!
Not God - God = God.

Someone said something!