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Monday, 23 April 2007

My name is?

Some people call me the space cowboy. Well in actual they don't but I like the sound of it. So my name is not the space cowboy but maybe I've got inclination about the motives behind names. I guess we all want a proper name so we get a reward from the vibration and if I wanted a bad boy name it probably wouldn't be going to far to suggest that was only because I somehow manged to contrive something 'good' out of what was bad. I'm not a bad boy everyday on Mondays so i'll keep my aim steadfastly set on something that works for me. That's how it works.

"Call him chair" "What do you mean?" "You know, a chair" "Why would i want to do that?" "He reminds me of a chair" "I never heard of anyone called chair before" "First time for everything". Puzzling? "He looks like his going to be a big boy don't he?" "Sure. Call him elephant then". He thought he was a king! Dickhead. "Great, call him that". I was talking about you.

My name is.

Standard protocol all officers addressed by rank. "Yes sir" "Are you eye balling me boy" "Yes sir" "Don't eye ball me boy" "Yes sir" "Why are you calling me sir boy are you dumb as well as deaf" "No sir" "Who am I boy?" "Staff Sergent punishment, sir" "I want to be your drill instructor" "Yes sir" "I want to cut off all of my hair" "Sir". The power went to his head. He could have been a Colonel.

Altogether now...

Je~sus~ was~ a~ car~pen~ter and~he~ worked~hard~and~well. I love that. Hard work. Yesh~wah was a car~pen~ter~ and~ Je~sus~ wa~s~ a~ God. "Jesus was the son the God you dimwit" "Who was Yeshwah then?" "He was the son. God as well" "Both of them?" Well there the same person arn't they" "What Mary and Josephs son and Gods son? " Yes" "Yes sir" "Excuse me!" "Of course. Goodbye". So Mary called her son Jesus Yeshwah Christ. "No" "I thought you left!" " I wanted to stay" "Interesting" "So what was the original name of the son God? " "Jesus Christ" "And Mary called him Yeshwah when she conceived him?" "I'm not sure" "What son of God of name do you have?" "I don't have have one" "Mine is son of God" "I could use that one" "May we " You can call me Trudie if it would be easier" "Okay" "I could call you Bettie" "What do you mean?" "Bettie when you call me you can call me Al" "Your confusing me" "Call me Trudie then"

"It's all very well hypothesizing in all these different manner of speeches" "I say" "But the world is stone all that matters is how many times it can be divided" "All is number?" "No. Stone" "So how did you work that out" "A little bird told me". Stone the crows. "Whats the point? "It doesn't matter all that matters is how many stones you've got" "What about birds" "Screw them" "What with, stones?" "Pardon?"


"I want be the Prime Minister" "You can do anything if you dedicated son. Why the Prime Minister?" "I always wanted to be the Prime Minster daddy" "You did? I never knew" "Or the President of America" "You cant be the President son" "Why not daddy?" "Because you have to be born in the U.S.A to be the President" "Does the President have more power daddy?" Yes son I think he does" "I want to be the Prime Minster anyway" "Its a great job" "I want to be the best Prime Minister ever" "I wanted to be a politician before I went to university" "Why didn't you daddy you could have be the best Prime Minister" "I wouldn't be here with you now if I went into politics I would be living in London somewhere probably" "Whys that daddy?" "Well, that's the way life is son".